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Cemetery Minutes 09/01/2011
Cemetery Trustees
Sept 1, 2011

Present: Ruth Hammen, Scott Marston, Fred Shaw

The cemetery trustees met at the Historical Society at 9AM.

Brush removal: Scott got quotes from Steve to remove brush from Knowlton-Edgerley and Brown cemeteries
        Knowlton-Edgerly – up to $300 for removal of brush along the outside of the walls facing Horse Corner and Lane Roads.
        Knowlton-Edgerly – up to $300 for removal of brush inside the cemetery on the east side.
        Brown – up to $300 to remove brush along the outside of the wall facing the street.

The Trustees voted to accept these quotes and instruct Steve to remove brush as soon as reasonable.

Fence repair: Ruth received quotes for fence repair at Pineground and Kaime cemeteries
        Pineground - $400 to straighten and replace pipe.
        Kaime - $520 to replace pipe.

The Trustees voted to accept the bid for work at Pineground and rejected the bid for work at Kaime.

Griffin Cemetery: Elizabeth Keniston, oldest descendent of individuals buried in Griffin Cemetery, has send a letter requesting the Town take over ownership of this cemetery. She states she is too old to continue and no other descendent has come forward to take over the responsibility. The Trustees will write a warrant for next Town meeting.

Pineground Well: Ruth has found through a conversation with Paul Ordway, abutter, that the well was a driven point put in by a man named Prescott. There is no evidence of the point at the well site but the two stones that surrounded the point have been found at the rear of the cemetery. It has also been determined that Michael Lawrence has possession of the antique pump used to pump water from the point to water flowers.

Knowlton-Edgerly: A broken GAR flag holder was found last year during spring cleanup as debris was being dumped after cleanup. Ruth has determined that only one GAR burial, Dudley Smart, is at this cemetery. Trustees will place this flag holder at his gravesite.

Langley-Watson: The selectmen received a complaint about the conditions at this cemetery. The Trustees have informed Town Administrator that this cemetery is private and being maintained by Harold French.

Tropical Storm Irene: Trustees have inspected Pineground and Leavitt cemeteries for damage after the storm. Only minor branch loss was noted and some flags were blown out of holders.

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