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Cemetery Minutes 06/03/2011
Cemetery Trustees
Jun 3, 2011

Present: Ruth Hammen, Scott Marston, Fred Shaw

The cemetery trustees met at the Historical Society at 9AM.

Leavitt Field: Steve has recently finished mowing the Leavitt field for the first of two times. The Trustees felt the job was very well done.

Leavitt Driveway: The driveway is in need of some gravel to fill in a drop off occurring at the juncture of the driveway and Canterbury Road. Ruth will call the road agent to see if he can fill in the depression.

Hook & Langley/Watson: These two cemeteries have been determined to be private since a direct descendent in each case has come forward to accept responsibility
        Hook – Diane Loso
        Langley/Watson – Harold French

Trustee of Trust Funds: $5237.25 has been transferred to the Town from the trust funds (4/26/11), which includes payments for 2009 and 2010. Ruth has looked at the details of the transfer and found no moneys were transferred from trusts in the Towle Cemetery. The Cemetery Trustees believe that the Trustee of the Trust agents may not realized that Towle and Langley/Watson Cemeteries are one and the same. Ruth also noted other omissions as well and will contact Andrea Deachmen, Trustee, to discuss these issues.

CIP: The Trustees will not submit any Capital Improvement Plan requests.

Cemetery Rules: Fred suggested that we send the police department a copy of the cemetery rules since they contain a curfew from dusk to dawn and prohibit artificial lighting. This will make it easier for them to confront unacceptable behavior such as drinking and partying after dark. Trustees concurred and Fred will send a copy to Chief Clarke.

Artificial Lighting: On April 24 a notice was placed in the Concord Monitor stating that artificial lighting will no longer be allowed at the public cemeteries. Feeling that adequate time has been made for removal of these items, the Trustees will visit Leavitt and Pineground cemeteries on the afternoon of Jun 7 to remove and remaining fixtures. These will be labeled and kept for one month for return to owners and then disposed of.

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