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Cemetery Minutes 02/04/2011
Cemetery Trustees
Feb 4, 2011

Present: Ruth Hammen, Fred Shaw
Lot Prices: The Trustees edited the Lot Prices eliminating the 4 and 8 Lot offerings since there seems to be little need for such large burial spaces as families today are more transient. The Trustees also clarified that a lot is 2 gravesites but 1 gravesite is available (1/2 a Lot).

Abandon Cemeteries: The Trustees are preparing a list of cemeteries to be declared abandoned. Several of these cemeteries have been maintained by the town for years but no formal abandonment process has been done that can be determined. Morrill, Page, and Plausawa appear to be kept maintained by private individuals so will not be considered for abandonment at this time. Shaw/True Cemetery has had some maintenance but not on a consistent basis. So far, those cemeteries clearly identified as having had no private attention for 20 years are: Batchelder, Brown, Edmunds/Stanyan(westerly portion), Fellows/Webster, Foster, Knowlton/Edgerly (question here about whether this is already a public cemetery), Locke, and Smith/Sanborn. Recently, descendents of some buried in Langley/Watson have come forward and want to keep this cemetery private for now. A descendent of the Griffin Cemetery has come forward wishing to relinquish ownership.

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