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Cemetery Minutes 07/07/2010
Cemetery Trustees
July 7, 2010

Present: Ruth Hammen, Robin Stephens, and Fred Shaw

Mark McIntosh – Retaining Wall: Since this lot is sloping and is suffering erosion, the owner is seeking permission to build a one foot tall retaining wall on three sides of the lot and backfill with soil. Trustees visited the lot at Leavitt Cemetery to hear the proposal and view a dimensional string layout of the plan. Some erosion is evident at the lot but may be due to improper grass planting after a recent internment; the lot certainly has a slope steeper than any others in this cemetery.

At their meeting, Trustees viewed submitted photos of faux stone block that could be used in construction. All appear similar in size and shape to “cement block” and would be stacked like block.

Robin noted that, since this is one of the first lots viewed as people enter the cemetery, appearance in keeping with the rest of the cemetery is critical. This lot is the first on the left side of the driveway; the first lot on the right side of the driveway has similar slope but is well grassed having not had burials for several years.

Trustees could not reach agreement but would investigate further. Robin would contact Mark to see if grading could solve the problem and, if not, could the Trustees see a sample of block at the site.

Bernard Mitchell: Owner has filed a complaint the vehicles are being driven over the corner of his lot at the end of the center driveway at Leavitt Cemetery. Ruth and Fred visited the cemetery and found that burials have occurred in what was the driveway on the south side of the cemetery. This forces people who use the center driveway to have to turn around rather than drive around. This creates the distinct possibility for vehicles to cut across lots 176BR and 176BL when turning around. Trustees are considering closing this portion of the center driveway to vehicles but in the meantime voted to put in corner posts where the lot borders the driveway.

Leavitt Fence Repair: Robin has prepared an RFP for fence repair due to the windstorm. She has received a bid from Kendall Stevens. She will meet with B-Line Fencing on July 8 and has contacted Richard Dawson. Trustees feel this is a high priority for Leavitt.

By-laws: The current by-laws were discussed at length. Ruth will compile the list and bring to the next meeting for approval.

Other: Ruth has sent a thank you note to the cub scouts for taking the time to place scores of flags on veteran’s graves in Chichester cemeteries. She is also working on updating the list of veterans using the 1983 list prepared by Ed Millette as an Eagle Scout project.

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