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Cemetery Minutes 06/02/2010
Cemetery Trustees
June 2, 2010

Present: Ruth Hammen, Robin Stephens, Fred Shaw, Scott Marston (Cemetery Maintenance)

Review First Mowing: Cemeteries have been well groomed for Memorial Day observance. Geraniums have been planted at the graves of J Myron Leavitt and Eunice Leavitt.

Restoration & Cleanup: Much work needs to be done in several of the cemeteries to make them more presentable. Trustees discussed the possibility of a hook up with the school to solicit some student help with spring or fall cleanup and restoration. This might also have a curriculum tie-in; Fred will look into this possibility. Many stones need cleaning; Ruth will look into what agents can be used to clean marble. Many stones need to be leveled both vertically and horizontally. It may be possible to get some donation of sand and loam from local vendors.

Brush & Tree Removal: Young tree growth is a problem in several cemeteries. This is out side the normal maintenance done by Scott. It is possible that the Road Agent may be able to remove the trees or at least dispose of them by chipping. Fred will look into this possibility.

Boisvert: The family has asked for the removal of a large maple tree near the lot. Trustees viewed the tree and found it to be healthy with no dead limbs. It is one of several trees at the edge of the cemetery and deemed safe. The tree will not be removed.

Leavitt Fence Damage: The fence has been damaged in three locations by falling trees after the recent wind storm. Robin will get bids for the repair and Fred will forward to the Town Administrator pictures of the damage to see if town insurance may pay the cost.

Bernard Mitchell: Claims cars are driving over the corner of his lot in Leavitt. Trustees viewed the lot and found did not find evidence of tire tracks but admit that, due to location, there existed a real possibility that this could happen. Trustees will consider a wooden post at the corner of this lot.

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