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Cemetery Minutes 05/05/2010
Cemetery Trustees
May 5, 2010

Present: Robyn Stephens and Fred Shaw.

Fitch-Valentine: Robin has spoken with Perry Bros Monument about levelng the headstone and flat stones. The problem has been fixed (5/4).

Stephens/Wright: Robin has staked the fieldstone location in Leavitt Cemetery and the stone has been installed.

Trustees Convention: Robin reported that the convention would take place at the Holiday Inn in Concord from 8 to 12 noon. Robin will register the 3 Trustees.

Cemetery Visitations: Fred will meet Scott at the Pineground Cemetery next Wednesday for inspection and recommendation for care. They will than tour Knowlton, Stanyan-Edmunds, Langley-Watson, Brown, Kaime, Griffin, Hook, and Bachelder for same.

Findings and Agreement:

Pineground: cleaned, raked and mowed before Memorial Day. Long term: young tree removal inside cemetery.
Knowlton: some raking, mowing. Long term: clearing/mowing back to wall on north side.
Stanyan-Edmunds: raking and mowing before Memorial Day. Long term: some young tree removal and clear to wall on west side.
Langley-Watson: needs mowing right away. Long term: brush and tree removal, bushes near Lewellyn Towle have grown large but this may be a private matter.
Brown: needs raking and eventual mowing. Long term: if possible, low spots should be filled in.
Kaime: leaf raking is necessary but mowing/trimming is minimal. Long term: pipe fencing on front needs repair
Griffin: some brush needs to be picked up when possible.
Hook: Diane Loso is tending to this private cemetery and one dead pine tree has been removed. Another is dead and standing and poses a threat to both the cemetery stones and Route 4 traffic. There is a question of who is responsible (state, private, or town) for this tree.
Bachelder: has not been mowed for a long time and grass has matted the cemetery which will require mowing and probably raking. Long term: some minor tree cutting is needed.

Next Meeting: June 2, 2010 at 6:00pm at Town Hall

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