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Cemetery Minutes 07/08/2015

Members Present: Ruth Hammen, Fred Shaw
Absent: Paul Sanborn (due to family emergency)
Leavitt Trust: Rebecca Hebert came to the board with several requests:
  • She wanted the Leavitt stones to be cleaned. The board informed her that this would be her responsibility but she could bill the Trustees of the Trust for payment out of the Leavitt Trust.
  • She told the board that the side roads of the Leavitt Cemetery are very hard to navigate due to tree root growth and wondered if the Trustees would do something about this. The Trustees informed her that they have already been considering this issue and will look into a solution.
  • Rebecca also wanted to know if access to water off the main driveway could be restored. This would require dredging and installation of a catch basin. It is possible the Leavitt Trust might cover the cost. The Trustees will take this under advisement.
CIP: The Trustees have no current proposals for the Capital Improvement Program.
Animal Burials: No animals may be interred in any cemetery but may be included in a casket being buried.

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