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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes 11/13/2013
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Location: Chichester Fire Station

Members present: Anthony Galdieri, Darren Tapp, Matt Cole, Allen Mayville, and Andrea Deachman

The meeting began at approximately 7:30PM at the Chichester Fire Station.

The CIP Committee began by reviewing draft minutes from previous meetings and approving them as final.

The CIP Committee then reviewed Anthony’s changes to Section 11 of the report.  The CIP Committee decided to remove Section 11.2 from the report, but otherwise leave the Section 11 intact.  The CIP Committee then reviewed Anthony’s changes to Section 7.  The CIP Committee decided to change the names of some of the capital reserve funds.  The CIP Committee also agreed to recommend the School use $19,000 from its capital reserve funds to offset its capital improvement requests.  The CIP Committee updated the report and spreadsheet section accordingly.  The CIP Committee also agreed to add $10,000 for dry hydrants in 2020 to the report and spreadsheet.

The CIP Committee also discussed Allen’s changes to the reports.  The CIP committee decided to integrate his changes into the report for discussion in the draft final report for review at a later date.

The CIP Committee further agreed to finish updating their particular sections of the report to be assembled into a full draft report for review.  The CIP Committee agreed that once the final draft report is assembled, Andrea would revise, edit, and generally proofread the report before its voted on as final.

The November 13, 2013 CIP Committee meeting concluded at approximately 8:36PM.

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