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CIP Minutes 08/12/2009
Capital Improvement Program Committee
Meeting Minutes 7:00 pm, August 12, 2009
Members present: Doug Hall, Brain Boyer, Lisa Drouse, Richard Moore, Matt Cole (arrived at 7:55)

Members Absent: none
Also Attending: Jim Plunkett

Brian Boyer chaired the meeting that began at 7:15.

Minutes of the previous meeting had not been prepared and their approval was postponed until a subsequent meeting.

Lisa Drouse's laptop was connected to the Fire Department conference room projector and the working spreadsheet was loaded for viewing and work. Jim Plunkett submitted material for the out-year highway projects (but did not have anything to submit regarding the sand shed). Lisa added the data into the spreadsheet for the committee. The committee showed Jim the annual totals of capital projects submitted by department heads to show the problem of the first three years 2010-12.

Jim indicated that the way he is now budgeting, he expects that his departmentís operating budget for 2010 may be about $30,000 below the current yearís operating budget.

The committee discussed the ramifications of the high tax cost of projects as submitted. The committee reaffirmed a decision to try to keep the tax impact of each year to $400,000 or less with some increase above that amount in out years.

The committee decided to prepare two ìrecommendedî spreadsheets. ì2010 Recommended Aî will push proposed projects out into future years so that the totals for any year comply with the committeeís overall recommended limit on tax impact.  One result of this will be that some projects will be pushed beyond 2019 and, therefore, off the ten year window of the plan. This spreadsheet will show how each project is moved by the committee.  

The "2010 Recommended Bond" spreadsheet will allow the projects to pile up in early years but fund them through a proposed bond issue. The two possible methods will allow citizens to compare the difference between how soon projects can be undertaken under the two funding scenarios.

The next meeting of the committee will be Thursday, August 27, 7:00pm at the Fire Station.

The committee adjourned at 9:10.

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