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CIP Minutes 04/07/2009
Capital Improvement Program Committee
Approved Meeting Minutes
7:00 pm, Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As Town Moderator, Doug Hall swore in committee members Lisa Drouse, Brian Boyer, and Richard Moore.

There was general discussion of expectations and ideas for this years work process and schedule.

The following decisions were made:

  • Richard Moore will chair the meeting scheduled for April 30 with the town department heads. The purpose of the meeting will be to obtain feedback from them about last yearís CIP process. The Highway Department will be dealt with separately.
  • Following the April 30 meeting, the committee will discuss what information to seek from departments and the form on which it should be submitted.
  • Brian Boyer will contact Jim Plunkett and ask to set up a meeting with the CIP committee and Road Advisory Committee (RAC) for sometime during the week of May 4-8 if possible.
  • After a meeting date is set between Brian and Jim, Doug Hall will telephone Dennis Call, chair of the RAC, to ask him to invite the RAC to the joint meeting. In the first instance, the committee would like the Road Agent along with the RAC to suggest how the needed information will be submitted. That will be a topic of the meeting.
  • As a headstart Richard Moore will draft a bullet list of what information we will hope to obtain and we will share that with the Road Agent and RAC.
  • The committee will set a deadline of one month, a date in early June for all departments to submit their CIP requests/suggestions.
  • June 9 and June 23 will be scheduled for meetings with department heads to discuss the submissions and get any further information needed by the committee.
  • Doug Hall will contact the Municipal Bond Bank to gather more information about the application process and towns of size similar to Chichester tha have used bonding for road projects.

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