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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes 09/25/2013

Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP)


Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Location: Chichester Fire Station

Members present: Matt Cole, Alan Mayville, and Anthony Galdieri
Members Absent: - Andrea Deachman, Darren Tapp

The meeting began at approximately 7:30PM at the Chichester Fire Station.  The agenda set forth four topics for discussion: (1) reviewing and voting on draft minutes of prior meeting; (2) discuss CIP submissions received to date; (3) update current CIP spreadsheet; and (4) discussing any other CIP business as appropriate.

The CIP Committee discussed reviewing and voting on the draft minutes from its prior meeting.  The CIP Committee reviewed the minutes from its September 4, 2013 meeting and approved them as final.  Matt made a motion to approve the minutes.  Alan seconded the motion. The committee approved the minutes unanimously.

The CIP Committee then discussed further submissions received to date, including those from the Highway Department related primarily to requests for vehicles.  The CIP Committee also discussed whether it required updated submissions from the Selectmen concerning amounts for the full revaluation and five year revaluation of town property.  The CIP Committee agreed that it would input those amounts as reflected in last year’s report into this year’s spreadsheet.

The CIP Committee then discussed the amounts remaining in any capital reserve funds for inclusion in its spreadsheet and report.  Matt provided amounts to the committee from last year’s town report.  Anthony agreed to update the spreadsheet by including those capital reserve fund amounts into it for the next meeting.

The CIP Committee also discussed including in this year’s report a strong recommendation that the school acquire and install the generator it has made a submission for because the school currently does not have a generator.  The school is an approximately $6 million dollar asset and should be protected particularly in the winter from being damaged.    

The CIP Committee agreed to hold its next meeting on October 2, 2013 at 7:30PM, at which time it would have an updated draft spreadsheet of all department and committee submissions for discussion.

The CIP Committee meeting concluded at approximately 8:20PM.

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