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Capital Improvement Committee Minutes 07/27/2016

CIP Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Safety Building
22 Main St,  Chichester, NH

Present Were:  Matt Cole, Anne Davis, Michelle Plunkett, and Brenda Roukey
Absent:  Alan Mayville

Call to Order
The meeting opened at 6:47pm.

The previous meeting minutes were reviewed (7/12/16 minutes).  There was a minor change requested (“Master Plan” to be changed to “infrastructure” - last paragraph in the Submissions Section). Motion to accept the minutes with that minor change was made by Ann Davis and seconded by Matt Cole.  All were in favor; minutes passed.

CIP Spreadsheet Review
Matt Cole entered all the requests/submittals into the master spreadsheet.   With the submission added, $7.5M with roads and $2.6M without roads.  The committee reviewed each submittal to compare and re-check the numbers and categories in which all data entry into the spreadsheet was done.  All capital reserve amounts were updated on the spreadsheet as well.  

The quality check went smoothly.  Matt entered all the information into the spreadsheet correctly.  There are some definite items of note, however.  

•      The radio request of $474,500 needs the department heads to attend COIP and discuss.
•     2017 warrant article for $25,000 – how to enter into spreadsheet?
•     Highway Department- Need to discuss Capital Reserve with Jim Plunkett (which year? And fund allocation?)
•     Highway Department – Need to clarify with Jim regarding the duplicate submittal for the Plow Truck in 2017 for $190,000… should this be 2023?
•     Parks & Recreation – Need to clarify the use of Capital Reserves (will be short funds) ($5k for land and water conservation fund and $9k for utility vehicle but Capital Reserve balance is $9757.00 and request states $14k)
•     Chichester Library – Minor discrepancy/question regarding submittal amount  ($24,000 + $4,700 = $28,700, but estimate total is $28,580); clarify amount.
•     Priority question - $20k last year in Capital Reserve (Town) – How will these funds be appropriated between the two Town Hall and Library?

Department Heads to Attend CIP Meeting
The committee members agreed that the Department Heads should attend a CIP meeting to discuss their submittal/requests.  Specifically, the Fire Department and Highways Department heads are requested to attend given the amount of funds requested and the questions CIP has for them.  

During the meeting, Alan Quimby was contacted and agreed to attend on Wednesday, 8/17/16 @ 7pm (Note:  The CIP meeting will begin at 6:30pm).  Jim Plunkett will be asked to attend Wednesday, 8/31/16 at 7pm (with CIP meeting to begin at 6:30pm).

Matt Cole suggested CIP be represented at the next Select Board Meeting to give everyone an update. Ann Davis will prepare letter (re: infrastructure and buildings, which parking lot is priority?) to BOS.    Ann Davis and Matt Cole are available to attend the BOS meeting; the rest of the CIP committee members are unavailable.  Matt will speak to Jody about getting on a BOS agenda and notify Ann and the committee members of meeting date.

Next Meeting:  
Proposed as Wednesday, 8/17/16 @ 6:30pm (for Alan Quimby to attend at 7pm – verbally confirmed with Alan 7/27/16.)
Proposed meeting to follow:  Wednesday, 8/31/16 (for Jim Plunkett to attend at 7pm – unconfirmed)

A motion to adjourn was made by Brenda Roukey and seconded by Ann Davis.  All in favor; meeting closed at 7:46pm.

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