Town of Chichester
54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258
CIP Minutes 05/04/2009
Capital Improvement Program Committee
Approved Meeting Minutes
7:00 pm, Monday, May 4th, 2009

Present Board: Richard Moore, Doug Hall, Brian Boyer, Lisa Drouse and Matt Cole.

Present Others:  Jim Plunkett, Stan Brehm, David Dobson, John Martel, Jim Kee, and Steve MacCleery

Richard Moore opened up the meeting by introducing the committee members to members of the Road Advisory Committee (RAC) and the Road Agent (RA).

Mr. Moore thanked the RAC and RA for attending and more importantly for the hard work they put into the 2008 Town of Chichester Road Advisory Committee report.  The information in there was very helpful to the CIP Committee.

Mr. Moore gave an overview of last years report, going over some of the trials and tribulations that the CIP committee endured.  Discussion ensued as to what would be the best way to handle the existing projects, as well as the reporting of potential new projects so that there would be efficiency and less time constraints on both sides.  It was agreed that more detail is needed on each project, in addition to the valuation of each project from the standpoint of what actually needs to be done, as well as the priority of each project.  The RAC believes this can be done by the June 8th deadline.  In the mean time, Mr. Boyer and the RA will be working on an Input Form that will meet the detail all parties involved are looking for.

A discussion was had in regards to the Bonding of capital projects.  The CIP Committee discussed in detail how it works and the importance of why we, the CIP Committee, were looking for more detail as well as the priority of each project.

Other business:
The CIP Committee will be assembling a package consisting of the ënew projectí form, the ëproject updateí form, and a memo to all the department heads outlining this years process.  The Town Administrator will be asked to send an electronic copy to all department heads and a hard copy of the package will be distributed to each of their mailboxes.

Next meeting will be held on May 13th, 2009.  Brian Boyer will be the chair for that meeting with the purpose to discus with Dept. Heads any concerns on the CIP process and/or forms that they received, as well as to address any other business.