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CIP Minutes 04/30/2009
Capital Improvement Program Committee
Approved Meeting Minutes
7:00 pm, Thursday, April 30, 2009

Present: Richard Moore, Doug Hall, Brian Boyer, and Lisa Drouse
Mat Cole (Excused)

Department Heads: Steve Stock, Lucille Noel, Joanna McIntosh, Gil Vien

Richard Moore Chaired the meeting

The purpose of the meeting will be to obtain feedback from them about last yearís CIP process

  • Thank you to the Department Directors for coming and their efforts in last years CIP
  • Overview of last years CIP process and resulting document
  • Overview of last years input form
  • Discussion of how we can improve the process
  • Idea was discussed to use the bullet point section of the project summaries submitted in last years CIP to review, edit, and add any additional information necessary to move forward with this yearís process.
  • The group decided in order to streamline the process lines would be added underneath each project summary to review and edit the information submitted rather than submit a new project form.
  • The new project form was revised to streamline the process and will be used to submit new projects into the CIP process
  • The source of funds section will be used to identify revenue sources other than taxes ie grant opportunities, donations, etc.
  • The group was asked to supply the CIP committee with any information they may have to help assess the inflation factor that should be applied to projects in future years
  • Projects are due to the CIP committee by June 1st, 2008
  • Any additional discussion items raised by the group
  • Nothing additional discussed
  • Invitation to any of the CIP meetings moving forward
Other business:

  • Richard Moore will chair the meeting scheduled for May 4th  at 7pm with the Road agent and RAC. Purpose of the meeting to review the CIP process and discuss, form used to submit road projects and level of detail.
  • Minutes from the 4/7 meeting were approved
  • CIP Committee decided to revise the definition for Capital projects by removing the 10% of departments annual operating budget since the group decided for departments with small operating budgets it would define projects that were not actually capital expenditures.
  • Deadlines for submissions to the CIP process were determined:
  • June 1st all projects are due
  • Follow up meeting was discussed to be held on May 13th at 7pm for department heads to discuss the submissions and to give an opportunity to ask any questions and voice any concerns about the CIP forms or process.
  • Meeting to review submissions is scheduled for June 10th at 7pm

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