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Welcome to the official website for the town of Chichester, New Hampshire

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Building Permit Application Information Sheet

Building Permit Application Information Sheet

Contact Information:

Chichester contacts:

Building Inspector
603-219-9530 (cell)     
Fire Chief
603-608-6251 (cell)     
Road Agent
603-219-1041 (cell)

State Contacts:

NH DES, Subsurface
Septic Systems
NH DES, Air Quality
Asbestos info
NH DES, Wetlands
Wetlands Info
Public Utilities Comm.
Energy Coordinator
603-271-3878 (fax)

Required Forms/Permits: (as applicable)

Driveway Permit
prior to issuance of Building Permit.
NHDES Septic Approval
prior to issuance of Building Permit.
Plot plan
prior to issuance of Building Permit.
Structure Plans
prior to issuance of Building Permit.
PUC Form EC-1
prior to issuance of Building Permit.
NHDES Wetlands Impact Permit
prior to issuance of Building Permit.

Driveway Permit:
Issued by the Road Agent.  Assignment of a street number will be done by the Building Inspector after the driveway is built.

NHDES Septic Approval:
NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) approves all septic plans for the state.  Approval is forwarded to the town in addition to the owner.

Plot Plan:
Shows location of proposed structure on lot, with distances to front, rear, and side lot lines.

PUC Form EC-1:
NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Form EC-1 is the NH Residential Energy Code Application for Certification of Compliance for New Construction, Additions or Renovation.  This is available online at the PUC website, or the Building Inspector has paper copies.

NHDES Wetlands Impact Permit:
If there are infringements into any wetlands on the property, they will have to be permitted by DES.

Demolition of any structure shall require a Demolition Permit, which will be issued once an Asbestos Certification, and any Remediation, if necessary, is complete.

Fee schedule:
Located in the Building Ordinance. Any work begun prior to the issuance of a permit shall be subject to double fees.

Impact Fees:
Will be collected at the time the Occupancy Permit is issued.  Fee schedule is available here.
Inspections to be performed:

Footings: Once forms and rebar is in place, prior to pouring. Applicable to foundation walls, frost walls and monolithic (Alaska) slabs.

Foundation Drainage/Waterproofing: Prior to backfill. Foundation drainpipes will be located below the top of the foundation footing.

Rough Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, & Framing: Must be completed prior to insulation. May be combined all at once.

Oil Burner/Gas Piping/Wood Stove/Fireplace:  Performed by the Fire Chief.

Insulation: Prior to attaching interior wall coverings.

Final Inspection for Occupancy.

All Permits issued shall require a Final Inspection, and issuance of either an Occupancy Permit or Permit Completion form as determined by the Building Inspector.

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