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Minutes 08/20/2014
Commission Meeting, Town Library, 7:00pm, 08/20/2014

Members Present:  Teresa Paradis, John Snow, Jeff Jordan, Ann Davis
Not Present:  Steve MacCleery, Richard Millette, Kay Snow
Handouts distributed; Meeting called to order at 7:07pm by Chair Teresa Paradis.  

Jeff Jordan made a MOTION to approve the 06/18/2014 Meeting Minutes; John Snow seconded the Motion; all in favor; passed.

Teresa reviewed Master Plan - Ann attended the July 10, 2014, Planning Board meeting; after short discussion, the board agreed to include and incorporate the AgCom’s materials into the Master Plan, as follows: The Agricultural Commission was present to review their drafted chapter for the Master Plan.  Mr. Brehm discussed the points that farming and agriculture is primarily a permitted use throughout the zoning ordinance across the town.  Mr. Moore and Mr. Jameson reviewed a number of the goals presented.  

There was continued discussion about the goals and objectives of the Agricultural Commission regarding community planning and education efforts.    Mr. Moore segued into a discussion regarding signs and if the Ag Commission had any comment on the previously proposed ordinance.  

Mr. Houle proposed for discussion the idea of “Smart Growth.”  Ms. Davis defined this term as the maintenance of community character while allowing growth.  

A motion was made by Mr. Brehm and seconded by Mr. Jameson to include, incorporate the presented materials as part of the Master Plan.  Motion passes.

Ann stated the Planning Board had only asked a couple of questions, one being about signage and that they would like input from us.

Farmer’s Market at COHD was discussed:  Ann provided a tent, sign and had a small table for Annie B’s Farmstand providing free samples of Sweet Peas Dog Treats; Daisy Day was the other participant selling day lilies.  Jones Farm said they wish to be contacted next year.  

A short discussion ensued about the amount to request from the Town; determined $250 adequate to start.

There are no education plans for the balance of the year and perhaps we should pursue “farming” beginning the year with Jan 21, 2015 - "New Hampshire's Grange Movement: Its Rise, Triumphs and Decline" by Steve Taylor.  Also, Ann will contact Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom for information and as a group approach CCS’s new principal Brian Beverstock to bring agricultural learning experiences to the students, such as: Ag in the Classroom, sheep & goat shearing demonstrations by Jeff and a tour of Live & Let Live.

 There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Secretary

At the 09/17/2014 meeting, Teresa Paradis made a MOTION to approve 08/20/2014 meeting minutes; seconded by Ann Davis; approved.

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