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Minutes 07/17/2013
Commission Meeting, Grange Hall, 07/17/2013

Present:  Steve MacCleery, Teresa Paradis, Richard Millette, Ann Davis
Not Present:  Jim Plunkett, Jeff Jordan

1.  Ann suggested that perhaps because of low attendance, we should have a full complement of 7 members and 5 alternatives.  A discussion followed including what the RSA states about alternates.  RSA 673:44-b II allows for this.

Ann was given permission to inquire of the Board of Selectmen:

If they were in agreement about a full complement of 7;
If they were in agreement about 5 alternates;
If they were in agreement that the Ag Comm could recommend new members;
The Ag Comm is going to submit an information and accomplishment article to The SUN and if they were in agreement to include info about seeking new members and alternates.

2.  Ann suggested that all members visit the Ag Comm website as rotating area farm photos have been added as well as resource links and Garden Club information.   

3.  Ann reported on her visit to the Lee Ag Com and how involved they are.  Discussed were other Ag Com’s that are active, such as Northwood and Canterbury; and when she tried to contact Canterbury, and they are inactive at this time.

4.  Members reviewed and discussed the DRAFT article for The SUN; one change being made and it should be held up awaiting Selectmen’s approval re members and alternates.

5.  Ann provided hard copies of a suggested DRAFT Agricultural Section of the Master Plan which all members took home review and to be discussed at the next meeting.

6.  Other Business:
a. Are you satisfied with our purpose?  Our purpose was discussed and compared to Northwood’s; all agreed ours was fine.

b. A list of activities and projects of other Ag Com’s was discussed; it was decided that when we have more members, we could attempt projects.

7.  It was suggested that the August meeting be skipped.  A Motion was made by Teresa Paradis to meet on Sept 18; Richard Millette seconded; passed.

A Motion was made by Richard Millette to adjourn; Teresa Paradis seconded; passed; meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Secretary

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