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Minutes 05/15/2013
Meeting, Selectmen’s Office, 05/15/2013, 7pm

Members Present:  Teresa Paradis, Richard Millette, Steve MacCleery, Mike Williams, Ann Davis

Members Absent:   Jim Plunkett (not notified), Jeff Jordan

Welcome & Introductions
        New Member Ann Davis was welcomed

Business Meeting:

1.  First order of business was to elect officers as follows:

Motion was made by Teresa Paradis to elect Ann Davis as secretary; seconded by Richard Millette; all in favor, MOTION CARRIED.

Motion was made by Richard Millette to elect Steve MacCleery as Chair; seconded by Mike Williams; all in favor,  MOTION CARRIED.

Motion was made by Mike Williams to elect Teresa Paradis as Vice Chair; seconded by Richard Millette; all in favor, MOTION CARRIED.

2.  A general discussion was held re the Suncook River Conservation Project and that the Agricultural Commission was not contacted by the Board of Selectmen.  The easements involved all the land about a quarter mile on each side of the river yet only landowners abutting the river were notified.  

Should any member of the Agricultural Commission notice anything in which this Board should be involved, we need to hold a meeting to discuss the matter as this Commission’s responsibility is one of oversight to protect Chichester’s farmland and to encourage agricultural-based business.  The Agricultural Commission must be involved in Chichester’s Master Plan, of which the Planning Board is in charge.  We should have a member attend the Planning Board meetings; it was agreed that Mike Williams will attend the May 16 Planning Board meeting to inform them that we are active and offer our assistance and technical support regarding:  1) any zoning issues pertaining to agricultural land; and 2) the Rural and Agricultural section of the Master Plan.

All were in agreement that the Chichester Agricultural Commission is an advocate for farming in Chichester and general farm advocacy.

It was decided that two members will attend the next Lee Agricultural Commission meeting; and two other members will attend a Canterbury Agricultural Commission meeting.

3.  Various aspects of farming were discussed - just because you are a farm, doesn’t mean you can do anything you want, i.e., 35% of product must be produced on a farm stand owner’s property, non-nuisance and non-obnoxious use of land, large farming facilities, farm tax assessments, and site review plans by the Planning Board.

4.  It was suggested that Ann send elected officers information to Hannah West to be submitted to “The Suncook Sun.”  And include the accomplishments including the fact that Chichester did pass RSA 79-F.  

5.  Next meeting to be held Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Motion was made by Mike Williams to adjourn; seconded by Richard Millette; all in favor,
MOTION CARRIED.  Meeting adjourned at 8:13pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis

Tentative Agricultural Commission Meeting Dates:   June 12;  July 10;  Aug 14;  Sep 11;  Oct 9;
Nov 13;  Dec 11           

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